toyotami kun (Fan Art Portfolio) Five Years Later....

Five Years Later....
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Screen shot Reference: It's been five years.

Well guys, I've been working on this thing for almost a month and I am finally done! XD omg didn't think I'd make it!
This is for the challenge "In Your Style".
I chose to do a scene from Attack On Titan! I'm pretty obsessed with that anime at the moment, so I thought why not. XD
I decided redraw and color the scene where Eren meets the Colossal Titan after 5 years. I thought that this scene was pretty intense since Eren and his friends were pretty hopeful, then all of a sudden this guy appears.

This drawing has been a pain to do, and I have struggled with it, but at the same time I was able to learn a few things that I hope to apply to other drawings. XD
This was a fun thing to do and I hope to do more!

This shall be dedicated to Neilly since she's my AoT buddy and also she helped me so much with this drawing too! I'm so glad that I listened or else this would look so wonky. lol

anyways this was all done on Sai, and photoshop for touch ups. No textures used.
I'll be making a process post later and I'll post a non subtitle version on Deviantart if anyone wants to see it without the subtitle. XD

P.S Download high resolution if you would like to see details!

progress shot gif

Attack on Titan Fan Art
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