CelestialSushi (Fan Art Portfolio) Shark?

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(Also submitted on deviantart)

Here's a quick all-digital picture I did yesterday in Photoshop Elements 10. I was a little out of my Element(s) (ouch, that was a stretch) because I usually sketch on paper, ink it, and then scan and color it, but here I just drew it all directly into the computer. No construction lines, either (funny, because when I was a kid, you couldn't even get me to use construction lines. Now it's hard for me to NOT use them XD)

I decided to include this towards my Sam & Max 100 drawing challenge over on deviantart, under #25 for "Trouble Lurking." Like I said there, if Sam or any other swimmers are in the water, they'd better get out. Now. There have been jokes about Max being part shark, but who knows to what extent those jokes were said in mere jest? o_o

If it looks a little weird and pixelated, it's because I actually drew this on a really small file, but liked it so much I zoomed in and screencapped it. /lazy

And on a final note: We seriously need a Sam & Max category here on theOtaku. And if I have to be the one who submits most of the artwork, so be it :P I don't mind.

Sam & Max (c) Steve Purcell.

Sam & Max Fan Art
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