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Kakashi WIP
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ive always wanted to draw kakashi, i just havent till now. he's my most favorite character off of naruto, and only the second naruto character ive drawn (the other was minato, but that was a very long time ago, and i mean very). this is a WIP so obviously, theres still tons for me to do- like finish drawing his flack jaket, and his neck looks a bit weird, so gotta fix that too. i think when all of this is said and done, he'll end up being a full-blown pencil drawn. nothing else. but you guys should let me know your ideas on this, im still new to drawing actual anime people (i mostly draw animals and pokemon), im mostly going by gut feeling so i could use some advice please. <:) btw, does the position of his eyes seem right to you, cause i just went by gut again. :c

on a side note... I HATE DRAWING THAT STUPID JACKET! It just seems no matter what i do, it just doesnt look rigt. ugh.

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