Kaagemusha (Fan Art Portfolio) My Blaziken Gijinka that needs a name!!

My Blaziken Gijinka that needs a name!!
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heyo!!! finally! i submit something right!? well I'll explain in my post today or tomorrow from my time, 'bout my whereabouts and whenabouts lol

ok today i present to you my (not-the-first) Blaziken Gijinka!!

So yes he's a Blaziken and he's old, well in Poke-Level he's about 70-80 so roughly around 78 i guess?

He's a typical old man who is fun and stubborn like a immature brat in his late 70s

Though old, he has train himself like the kung fu monks old people like mediating and such, and perfecting his martial arts of/as a Blaziken

Personality wise he is fun and friendly, with that wisdom from the old man kind of person.

In short he's a immature stubborn old mule who has wisdom of the old masters of lore

i dedicate this to ChiNee-chan since we became friends through my SBBF! go check her out! plus she's single! just kidding lol

Pokemon Fan Art
blaziken, fighter, gijinka, humanified, old man, oldy, personificated
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