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Eiji Kikumaru
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I've been learning Sai for the past month (since I'm terrible at digital art and any type of coloring). And with the help of my two super-duper-really-nice-good friends here in theO who gave me links to some tutorials and the creators of the tutorials (it sounds like I'm giving my speech for graduation XD) I made this. x)

So far, that's the most normal looking digital art I made. XD I used a line art for the base and did the basic steps. I'm sorry there was a lot of mistakes x) And the way I shade is also terrible. I have no idea where to shade and what colors to use despite of the tutorials I've read.

..I'm still learning and I hope to get better XD

Thank you for my two super-duper-really-nice-good friends Koyuki11(Yuka), who explained ad gave links to some tutorials for Sai to me even though I'm such a slow poke in understanding what she says XD And Mangakid(Jen), who also gave some nice tutorials to me. >^v^< I love you guys.

I'll dedicate this to Koyuki, thank you so muuucchh~ I hope you didn't wait too long for this XD
(if its allowed for two person then I would also dedicate this to Jen T.T gomen~)I'm going to learn more and improe for you guys ~~

(c) to these few tutorials I remembered.
luluseason's CG tuitorial
helpyoudraw @ tumblr.
Tumberella, Sakimichan, and Nuriko-kun's tutorials on DA

I hope you'll like this~~


Prince of Tennis Fan Art
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