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so...yeah, I have a very cruel sense of humor lol

basically this little "gem" came about when while lazily pondering fandom-related matters I realized that if she were canon, Estelle would be one of the only other characters in the series aside from Blake that had a zoid/body/whatever suit ...and what did my mind instantly do with that information?? SUIT SWAAAAP!! >8D

...and Blake's a wuss, it's only a couple inches of heel...and Esie...yeah there's no way around it, she's thoroughly concerned about her butt...honestly I would be too in that get up, seriously, think about it, think about where those things on the hips go in the back 8/ ...yeah...not that great on a girl...specifically a girl with any substance in that area at all.

oh...and yeah, Esie has an Independent RP blog on tumblr, did it so she'd have more purpose than just random drawing fodder. If ya'll remember fuzors, happened to like it and have an RP itch, be not ashamed, for there is at least one out there like you for some reason you want to know more about that blog, send me a message or something, I don't bite. lol

anyways, enjoy the character shaming XD

Zoids Fan Art
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