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HEY, PEOPLE~ Terribly sorry for not being active, you can blame all that on Final Fantasy VIII and dang rupaul Dangan Ronpa! umu

ANYWAYS, this is a gift I made for a friend of mine on tumblr and dA, who I promised a month ago I'd draw her Yu and Yosuke as a late birthday present :> I already posted this on tumblr and dA last night, so I figured I might as well put this up here too~
I like Yu and Yosuke as bros and as a couple, although I also happen to ship Yu with Rise and Yukiko :U It's a funny story on how I began liking YuxYosuke; I saw quite a few people who shipped them when I first got into Persona, but I was pretty much indifferent at the time(plus, I already shipped Yu and Yukiko then and for some weird reason thought it was too "early" for me to start multishipping).

AND THEN, the anime started to make me want to ship Yu and Yosuke, buuut I pretty much resisted UNTIL THE GROUP DATE CAFE SCENE. Even though it was most likely meant to just be funny, I lost it and started to ship it from then on |D (also, the scene is even more hilarious in the anime's dub, which is one of the things I liked most about the dubbed version)

Aaaand I don't think I really have anything else to talk about so I'm just going to stop here before I start rambling too much |D

Persona Fan Art
persona 4, shin megami tensei, souji seta, soujixyosuke, souyo, yosuke hanamura, yu narukami, yuxyosuke
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