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Punch Drunk Love
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A moment of silence for my badly written signature....

Well since this challenge is about a hated character, I went with a character from my current (re)obsession: Hiromi Tachibana from Beyblade.

I really hated her in V-Force. She's quite annoying even until she became a part of the Bladebreakers. I know an anime-only character usually don't have character development but she's actually a potential good character. Of all the female characters, she's the only one who's not a Blader. I know she doesn't have to be one but aside from her moral support, she's practically a useless character in the series. I like the idea that she's the only girl who can go up against Takao (Tyson) though. They're so cute when they argue although she did blew up by punching him. That's so sweet~ I just ship them so hard.

She makes it up with her clever ideas which I hoped was more emphasized during G-Revolution since she stayed with Takao and Kyouju (Kenny) when the rest of the team left to go on their own ways. She matured in G-Rev and never had a fight with Takao like they did in V-Force. I thought she would finally have some characterization there even if she's still gonna be a minor character. And I also expected that she'd finally try her hands on being a Blader. I don't mind if she's not gonna be good but it would make more sense she did at least practice just like what Kyouju did to make it up for missing Blader slots in the team. If I was in charge of the show, I'd be doing that. She'd still get hate for not being a Blader but at least she's not useless.

In all honesty, she's given a much better character in fanfictions and that's sad to know.

Okay. End of rant... XD

I'm still a newbie in SAI and that's what I have so far... I'm not satisfied with the coloring but I'm submitting this because I made this just for the challenge (omg I didn't notice today's the last day). I'm taking the chance to improve on digital drawing while I'm still on vacation. I'll probably submit a better coloring of this some other time... wish me luck on practicing.

Inspired from SHINee's "Punch Drunk Love".

Beyblade Fan Art
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