moonlit dream (Fan Art Portfolio) Watercolor Tomato Self Portrait

Watercolor Tomato Self Portrait
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Tomato self portrait. CONTRADICTING TITLE!

I'm doing a series of headless self portraits of myself for art class. (Idk, I chose a theme and went with it...) I thought it would be fun if I dressed up and posed like one of my characters for each of them. That should explain why Tomato is actually a woman in this picture. :D; (Because it's actually me.)
I want to get better at watercoloring, so I'm using watercolor for each of them. ;u; Aha... There's going to be 4 of these, total. I've done one of Tim, too, but I'll scan that later. :V

Strangely enough, I own all the clothes I'm wearing here. xD I bought those boots on a whim, but I hardly ever wear them. They're really tall. o___o They're cute, though. :M;;;

I wanted the background to look like a white photoshoot backdrop (?) but... yeah. Random white tarp and white floor, yeah! 8D;

My school sketchbook isn't spiral, so it doesn't scan very well... ._. Also, my paper is wrinkly. YAY, WATER. ;u;

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akioh, chair, clothes, ofav, scarf, self portrait, tomato, watercolor
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