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Finally!! Its probably been almost half a year or wait it was longer O_O since chocolatemud asked for a special request... Ikkyu from Eyeshield 21 in a meditating pose. I really wanted to do this for her since she's been an awesome friend to me <3 but this was sooooo challenging >3<

It was only today that I got inspiration to finally get it done!! *cheers* I was trying all this time to sketch it digitally and then maybe colour it with Copics or maybe mix it with digital, and then there was the tough to draw Ikkyu in the pose. >3< But I finally got an idea with a new meditation pose and a digitally style I wanted to try :D I'm happy with how it turned out!
And after all this time, it ended up only took me 2-3 hours to do too xP Ugh how curious inspiration can work xP

Dedicated to chocolatemud aka Audrey!! I know I took so long to finish this, so forgive me... I hope it was worth the wait for you though! Thankyou so much for being so patient and also being my friend <3

Ref pics used, done on SAI.
Ikkyu from Eyeshield 21
MangaKid art(c)

Eyeshield 21 Fan Art
digital, Eyeshield 21, Ikkyu, manga, MangaKid, meditation, port, SAI, yoga
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