moonlit dream (Fan Art Portfolio) Dolce de Gabriel

Dolce de Gabriel

Oh, Gabriel!
You look so stupid right now, you don't even know. You look almost as stupid as THIS STUPID TITLE. WHY CAN'T I THINK OF ANYTHING BETTER?

Gabe: Hey now.

Ahem. Despite the previous insulting of Gabe, I actually do kind of like this picture. It started out as a random doodle to a song I like that reminds me of Gabe for certain reasons. :D I didn't think I'd actually ink and color it, but I'm glad I did. :V Good coloring practice! Though I'm still kind of... yeah... I colored the line art this time, and I kind of like that. I should probably do that more often when I do digital line arts.
But I'm lazy, so... .u.

Gabe's skin never cooperates with me, though. ;u; ARE YOU TAN, OR ARE YOU NOT... I actually made his skin shadows pretty dark on this picture, but then I realized it looked way funky... so I changed the opacity of the skin to make it lighter. xD; I don't hate how I colored Gabe's hair in this picture, though. :D (WH--!!)

ALSO, A BACKGROUND! 8D Yeah. That's right. I can draw clouds. :9 sort of

Gabe, you are so angular.
...I mean angelar.
...I mean, angel-like.
...Oh wait, no you're not. Haha. :V

That was a great ending to some footnotes right here.

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angel, clouds, dude, gabe, gabriel, halo, oc, ofav, original character, punk, sky, wings, yep
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