Mazoku Knight (Fan Art Portfolio) A stray Lucario appeared...In my portfolio

A stray Lucario appeared...In my portfolio
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It has grown into becoming a sort of evil trial for me to be able to make a picture of Lucario that I'm satisfied with.
Pokemons are generally not made up from so complicated forms so they should be fairly easy to create stunning pictures with eh? NOT in a million years TvT

I used a funny media known as charcoal pens, christmas gift of course, what's so especially amusing about these things are that one barely needs to touch the thing and it smudges across the whole paper.
So the real challenge is not finishing the picture - it's finishing the picture with your body in a froglike position to hinder your arms from rolling over the piece and making a Lucario stain rather than a Lucario.

I know I recall seeing him somewhere with a bone, so I gave it a more realistic form. Freshly stolen from that little yellow one with a helm, cubone?Kubone?... IT'S YELLOW AT LEAST.
* totally too old to remember pokemon names *

I actually thought the pencils I used would be more blue, tough luck.

Until next time dreadful-lucario-challenge. Next time. <(I_I)>

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Aura, Bone, Lucario, Pokemon
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