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Akako and Haruko OC
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Here are the other two in the group! I wanted to try out some new brushes I downloaded for photoshop so I changed how I normally color. It took forever doing the both of them and I got lazy toward the end. I was gonna do a background but I had some layer issues and didn't know how to fix it.
Age: 15
Height: 4'11
Hair: Red and Pink
Personality: Hates to be wrong, loves music, doesn't like people teasing her about her height. She tends to stay in trouble for talking to much.
Other: Best friends with Haruko, who's a year older than her. They met when they were young children.
Gift: Her gift is dancing. She choreographs for the group.

Haruko: (I accidentally drew her head to big. It's really bothering me but I had already inked it when I noticed.
Age: 16
Height: 5'5
Hair: Green
Personality: She's very studious but fun at the same time. She likes to get things done on time and enjoys keeping to herself mostly. She doesn't hang around many people besides Akako.
Other: She's the student council president. She plays the piano in her spare time. She switches between her glasses and contacts depending on whether she is preforming or out with friends.
Gift: She has the gift of songwriting and composing music.

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akako, friends, girls, green, haruko, OC, red
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