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HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, HIME. Chero and I decided to become the group's secret cupids. And I became yours <3

Happy Valentine's Day, Hime <33

Valentine’s Day wasn’t exactly the holiday that a certain ninja wanted to be a part of. Not having been close to anyone for the longest of times in the first place, he found the day to be tedious and unneeded. Orochimaru, from his knowledge, was now gone and Kabuto had left to fulfill something for his own several months earlier. The ninja was on his own now, but that didn’t bother him in the least.

Having rented out a small room in a town where he wasn’t being looked for, he walked out onto the streets without ever some sort of cover-up. He had to admit to himself, it was relaxing to walk without feeling the need to fight anyone suspicious. Though walking out and seeing things going on for the day irked him.

Couples were together everywhere. Presents being given and kisses being passed. If these things could easily be ignored, he would have completely forgotten the fact that it was Valentine’s Day. But it seemed as though he couldn’t escape it this time.

Sasuke sighed. With almost every street corner and restaurant filled, he settled on heading into the ramen shop, which seemed practically empty for once. It wasn’t his first choice of a dining experience, but it was the only thing he would tolerate for the moment.

Once his ramen was served, it wasn’t long before another customer joined the counter after he started eating.

“The usual, please, sir.”

That voice. Why did it sound so familiar to him? Sasuke glanced over from the side of his eye. He stayed calm about it, but if it weren’t for that trait about him, he probably would have choked. But in this town, how could she be here, too?

It was quiet, and Sasuke paid and left as soon as he finished eating.

“Hey. Haven’t I seen you before?” Sasuke was asked while his back was turned to the other customer at the table.

He didn’t bother to turn around or even reply. He didn’t even stop. He simply left without doing anything else.

Heading home, Sasuke passed more and more couples enjoying their day. It was still early, he knew it was pointless to go and cause trouble now. Thoughts ran through his mind, distracting him anyways. Passing a formal suit shop, he stopped, looking into the window. Whatever compelled him to walk inside, he had no idea.

He was in the shop for quite a while; it was at least an hour before he finally walked out. Halfway through the day. He still had some time left.

Walking down the street, he passed plenty of flower shops. Upon seeing them all, they just irked him more. Giving up, while walking passed another stand, he swiped a single rose out of a bouquet without being noticed. One rose, that’s all he needed.

Turning down another street was when he found her. He only saw her from the back, but the outfit and long dark brown hair was the giveaway for him. He approached the girl and once he was sure she was within hearing of him, he called her out.


The girl stopped talking to the elder man she was with and turned around. Before she could even say anything, Sasuke was already on a knee, holding out the rose. The blush and irritable look was highly noticeable, but he continued on.

“Will you… be my Valentine?”

Naruto Fan Art
Hime, Sasuke, Secret Cupid, Uchiha, Valentine's Day
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