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MasterButler Style
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I don't own these delicious characters nor the Gangnam song/scene but i did draw and put them together in one for this challenge and boy was i exhausted that i got lazy round the bg hehe :p

I was actually thinking on who might be perfect for the elevator scene...
I came across with searching characters and found this lovely couple *ehem* i mean duo that they might actually work for this one.

Sorry didn't put on the infamous Oppa shades, Ciel already has an eye patch on. Sebastian is so sexxxyyyyyy XD The reason i was exhausted in doing this, is because my nose kept on bleeding (joke <3)

I've been working on this baby for days... I have put too much effort on the two that i got my energy drained and even forced myself to finish the bg. I didnt even want to put a bg but heck it'll look odd. Im also working on another challenge but my energy was drained by the details again because of the BG riawrrrrr... wish me luck on them... OTL

Kuroshitsuji Fan Art
bishounen, boys, butler, ciel, dance, elevator, gangnam, Gangnam, kuroshitsuji, master, michaelis, oppa, pelvic, phantomhive, pretty, PSY, scene, sebastian, sexy, Style, style, thrust, TPN, young
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