pandaman08 (Fan Art Portfolio) A Lovely Maiden with Freckles

A Lovely Maiden with Freckles

I have worked on this 2 or 3 weeks ago and then my nemesis, "Mr. L" (aka Lazy) came for a visit so it never got finish.
But then I was able to finish this at 1am this morning.

This is dedicated to my dear friend, MangaKid.
She shared about her being in the slump and then getting out of it. Right after that she posted a fanart, which then inspired me to finish this drawing :)
I can't thank you enough, Jen!!! THANKS!!!

Done in graphite pencils: 3B, 4B, 6B and 8B
no smudging ^^

here is the link to the pic that i used as ref :click here

*sighes, i feel that this is not one of my best...well that just come to show you guys that practicing is necessary, which was what i should've been doing but didn't >_>
Geez...I have so many mistakes on here, but that's okay cuz i drew this in the first place just for the sake of drawing something. Maybe someday i could draw this pic again...but we'll see (:

hehe, my sis lastnite just pointed this out to me when she saw me working on this.

She said "You're weird because when you haven't drawn for awhile, out of nowhere you would just jump into this kind of drawing without practicing or warming up"

hehe...which is so true, when i fee like drawing something, i just jump into it without prepping for it. I guess that's why i can't do rough draft on my drawings cuz i'm always so eager to see the finishing product :)

hahaha...I'm sorry. I am ranting >_<

Anyway, please enjoy this ^^
Have a fabulous day XD

- P-man

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