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Contest - Kaguya
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Contest Entry for *LadyShieru on DeviantART.

Edit: She will be slightly redesigned.

Her name is Kaguya, after the goddess of the moon. She's a character that I have created a designed a long time ago (when I first got into SessKag). The only major change is... uh... I think I may have shortened her hair.

Here's Kaguya's (very old) story (that was created years and years ago) in case anyone's interested:

Being a priestess, carrying Kaguya was extremely hard for Kagome. Sesshomaru's demonic aura and Kagome's highly spiritual one clashed inside of her, making it dangerous for both her and an unborn Kaguya. Throughout Kagome's pregnancy, people were afraid that she was going to miscarry.

When Kaguya was finally born, everyone actually thought that she was a human since she seemed to have more physical human characteristic than demon ones. She lacked (Inuyasha-style) dog ears, claws, and anything else that is typical of a half-dog demon. Because Kagome's a priestess, people thought that while Kaguya was still in Kagome's womb, her purification powers had purified all of Sesshomaru's demonic blood inside of Yume. It was only when Yume opened her eyes, which is gold that they knew otherwise.

Despite this, Kaguya still remained more human than demon and it was only over time that they noticed that she had some demonic characteristics too. Her nails were harder than others, able to cut through things but not to the extent of a full demon's (or even a fellow half-demon). She heals faster than a human but much slower than Inuyasha.

Her demonic characteristic can be fully seen when she's really emotional (picture: top right). Her eyes will tint red and red strips will appear on her cheeks, shoulders, wrists, hips and ankles. While all these signs point to a demon changing into their demon forms (like Sesshomaru), Kaguya does not have a demon form.

She does become a complete human one night a month like every other half-demon. Her gold eyes will fade and any remaining demonic characteristics will disappear for the night.

Inuyasha Fan Art
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