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Hey guys!!!
This is my OC, whom I named Calix. The name is Greek and means "handsome" or "beautiful." It was given to him by his mother because she loved his large blue-green eyes.

He's one of a set of triplets (all boys). He's the youngest of them, and is the most outgoing and honest. He also is the smartest of the three since he spends a lot of his time reading. You might have noticed that his eyebrows are black, while his hair is red. His two brothers have red hair, and he was born with black. Since he looked up to them and wanted to match, he coloured his hair red as soon as he discovered hair colour. His hair grows quickly, so he has to dye it often to keep from letting the roots show. His two brothers also have small tatoos on their faces, but Calix doesn't like the idea of making permanent markings on his face because he knows it'll look funny when he gets old. lol (At least he thinks things through things carefully--I guess that shows that although he wants to be like his brothers, he is willing to do things his own way as well).

He uses magic to fight, but also likes to think things through before springing into action. He likes to conserve his energy so he always tries beating his opponent using hand-to hand combat before using his magic. He always likes to be prepared for anything, so he always carries around medicine and bandages in his pouch. Reading is one of his favourite pastimes--along with hanging out with his brothers. He's also a decent cook since he always used to make treats for himself and his brothers to share.

I do plan on making fanarts of his two brothers (but not for this challenge) when I have the time. I already have them sketched out, I just need to scan then ink and colour them digitally. I hope to get them finished during Reading week(the March break for University students). The oldest twin's name will begin with A, then the second will be B and Calix is C. So I guess they're the ABC twins in the order of who's the oldest. XD
I hope you like it
Dedicated to my sister for always encouraging me to keep drawing, even when I feel discouraged.

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, Calix, OC, Red hair, X MAGE X
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