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Pokemon Gijinka Ahoy!
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Lazy coloring because I know that if I did actual coloring, I would give up on it before it ever got finished. Besides, these characters have existed since about Spring of last year, so I figured it was about time they saw the light of the interwebz.

They're Pokemon Gijinka. :D
Here's some basic info. about both of them:

Name: Cammy the Clamperl (She's the one with blue hair)
Nickname: Pearl-Lu-Lu (It was her stage name when she was a pop-idol)
Age: 25
Personality: Extremely polite, to the point of using antiquated language in an attempt to be even more polite. She's extremely bland, however, this is done intentionally in an attempt to keep people at arm's length. There's a reason for this, but I won't go into it here. I'll post it somewhere eventually and then you can peruse it at your leisure.
Cammy was once a mega pop-idol, however, when she was about 20, she completely left that world behind. She then moved to a small town (I'm not sure which...) where she works at a day-care center taking care of children.

Name: Bonnie the Spoink (She's the other one)
Nickname: Buta-Uta (She gave it to herself to use as her "stage name")
Age: 7
Personality: Extremely hyperactive. It's almost impossible to get her to calm down and sit down; she's constantly running from one activity to the next, looking for whatever fun thing there is to do.
She has lived her entire life with her trainer Ainsley. Whenever Ainsley left for school, she would watch T.V. which led her to the discovery of Pearl-Lu-Lu, who she instantly fell in love with and now maintains extreme idol-worship for. However, when she learned that Pearl-Lu-Lu had left the industry (she was late obtaining the information), she sets out on a crusade to not only educate people about the wonders of Pearl-Lu-Lu, but to also attempt to find her and convince her to return to singing once more.

So there ya go. ...I've gotta work a bit more on refining their stories/personalities, but I enjoy them so far. :)

Pokemon Fan Art
Butauta, Cammy, Clamperl, Gijinka, Pokemon, Spoink
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