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I feel like something similar to this would happen if these two met. And since all problems are solved with violence, Mercedes would probably blast him with her crossbow. xD
So if you didn't already know (or you didn't already see this post from a million years ago), I think a Kid Icarus/Odin Sphere crossover would be one of the best things in existence.
Like I said already, the art style is similar enough, mythology is a central point in each one, and Kid Icarus is insane enough that the idea of the two games meeting isn't actually that farfetched.
I may or may not have a fanfic idea already lined up which I may or may not post on my ffnet account in the next few days if I feel like it.
If anyone wants to contribute, feel free to PM me. :D

A NOTE TO AKIOH: I know it's not just a drawing of Pit, but I'd already started this when you suggested that I draw him. I just kinda ran with it. XD

Anyway, enjoy!

Art by Me (Kailith)
Kid Icarus (c) Nintendo/Sakurai
Odin Sphere (c) Atlus and VanillaWare
Drawn in Adobe Photoshop 9

Crossover Video Games Fan Art
crossover, kailith, kid icarus uprising, kiu, mercedes, odin sphere, os, pit
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