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Takumi Katsu
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I just updated his profile today so this is very up to date on what he looks like. I drew this traditionally and then scanned it in and colored it digitally for the first time using my tablet to color an art work!

Name: Takumi Katsu (TK)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
DOB: June 19
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 145lbs
Hair color/style: White with blue in his hair the right side of his bangs are cut and swoop to the left covering his left eye and then the rest of his bangs are long and stop just past his shoulder then he has spiky hair in the back
Eye color: Ice Blue
Appearance: He has a slightly pale complexion, he has a lip ring with his lower lip pierced, and he usually wears eyeliner and occasionally paints his nails black. For clothing wise he wears a puck like outfit.
Personality: Kind, funny, hyper, sweet, open-minded, quick tempered at times, protective, loving, likes playing jokes on people
Power: Jet Black wings which are 15 foot wing span from tip to tip, he can shape shift his feathers, hide his wings, and is developing a new power of being able to shape shift himself
Bio: His parents are hardly ever home and usually always working. Takumi’s family is very well off in money but chose to live in the woods with a large amount of property. The house is surrounded by woods which is nice a quiet which Takumi is thankful for. One nice Takumi and his friends decided to sneak into this old abandoned building to find that it wasn’t exactly abandoned. He and his friends were taken and experimented on and his DNA was mixed with a Raven’s DNA to create what he is today.

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