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Okay soooooo i'm like finally done~!!!
Hahah i know it took me awhile. >.> But in my defense i was swamped in homework!!
Anyway so this is my character Kayla i have been working on her the past week and finally after many failed attempts (crappy art skills lol) i am satisfied.

So her story goes like this Kayla was an orphan ever since she was a baby. She lived in a crummy orphanage with am abusive car-taker. He'd beat all the kids and aometimes wouldn't even give them food. Kayla tried to take most of the beatings for the younger kids. On her tenth birthday she took a serious beating and finally snapped. She punched him in the face and his mouth started to bleed. As soon as she saw the blood she couldn't stop, she kept punching him and beat him to death. After killing him she moved his corpse and threw him outside near the woods so the other kids wouldn't find him. Then she left. She was than taken in by an assassin and raised. She became an assassin and lived pn murdering people and challenging those she thinks are strong.
Age: 16
Eye Color: Green
Hair: Blond (usually in pony-tail)
Skin: Mixed (kinda like a peach tan)
Hope you like her and again sorry it took so long, i'mma crappy artist.

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