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~ Challenge entry for SayanaChans' help me, get free art. again. ~

Pumped out a OC in about half an' hour because I could. I am now going to attempt to get back into drawing. So far, its alot of speed painting. Because speed painting is fun. It is also two in the morning Canada time, so none of what I'm saying will make any sense.


So this is Chaeya, everyone say hello. Chaeya here was inspired by Florence + the Machines 'Heavy in Your Arms'. She was drown by her lover, and it was very tragic. She of course was pulled from her death slumber by his greif and pleas for salvation from his crime. Since than our dearest undead friend here has taken up the challenge of silencing men who have wronged their lovers in some manner. And by silence, I mean killing. And by killing I mean stabbing. Violently. Frequently. Yup. She is bat crazy, stricken by greif and most likely mentaly unstable.

The boring details are that shes about five feet six inches, and her hair is a muddy maroon/ dark deep red colour with a snazzy white streak. She's pretty boney (hundred pounds soaking wet here people), and has super pale skin. 'Cause you know, she was killed via drowning.

Her favorite flowers are white lilies.

I was a heavy heart to carry / My beloved was weighed down

My arms around his neck / My fingers laced to crown.

I was a heavy heart to carry / My feet dragged across ground

And he took me to the river / Where he slowly let me drown

And is it worth the wait / All this killing time?

Who is the betrayer? / Who's the killer in the crowd?

The one who creeps in corridors / And doesn't make a sound

My love has concrete feet / My love's an iron ball

I'm so heavy, heavy / So heavy in your arms

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help me, get free art. again.
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