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My Little Paradise
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So as I said before i decide to join this challenge and this is my entry.

The challenge is to draw an art that express PEACE. Well, i dont know about the woldwide peace, a world without a war, that sounds really nice. And I pray that it will become true someday, soon in the future.

Well, I just drew a simple peace, my peace, my peaceful time, my favorite place and my uber favorite activities. So lemme describe my peace

I feel peace when I'm in my own room, sketching an art while listening to my favorite musics. What does the laptop for? Lol, that's simple, I find a peace when I'm talking with Zuzu and Chichi, and everyone else on TheO. So the laptop is for my chating utilities XDD

lol, my real table is more mess than the pic. But yea, I use a purple keyboard protector for my laptop and the white thingy near my laptop is my 'silly modem'. And yea I do use the mouse, I'm a bit clumsy so I'm not in a good relationship with the touchpad. The orange thingy is my lovely ruler and YEA ITS ORANGE! Next to it; my 'not so smart phone', my college note book (I barely write on it =w="), my sketch collection map, and my rough sketches. And on the right sides are my drawing utensils, some color pencils, an eraser and a gnome eraser (i use this to clean a tiny area in my pic).

Q : What makes my peaceful time perfect?
A : A cup of coffe and cookies. lol yea I always have snacks and coffee or tea on my table.

And my phone, sadly I cant be separated from my phone. *sighs* Lol, yea my phone is always near me caz my friends always call or text me at unexpected time.

Lol, u mist be confused with my wall color =w=" well my real wall is in pink but i'm prefer purple so I decided to draw a mix between them. My floor ish dark green, it makes a relaxing atmosphere for me.

You may say my peace is cheap, but yea this is how simple I am. And like the title say this is just a little of peaceful. And I know some of you might be feel the same with me.

I'm on holiday so i can have this Little Paradise of mine a lot, but when college start... I dont think i can enjoy it a lot. So this is my work of peaceful while I can still enjoy it. Hope you all gonna like it :3

- Pencils Color
- White water color paint
- A black drawing pen

P.S. : This is my 1st art with background and details, I spent almost a week to finish this one caz ...I'm a pro procrasinator XD but yea i made it, a bit disapointed with the outcome but okay.

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