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My first full drawing of all Akatsuki members together.

Still a bit ehhh. Couple of them I like, and the rest still need some time be more familiar and better at. It's hard to do when I'm trying to bring out the personality of each member and make them individual and distinct from one another.

I do like Sasori though. He reminded me of a cross between those creepy Ventriloquist dummies and those 'realistic' dolls people collect. That's the impression I got when Sasori first revealed his true nature during his fight with Sakura and Granny. I wanted to take his exterior appearance and make it another level of creepy. I mean they are, after all, Akatsuki.

If I saw a member of Akatsuki for real, my impression is to be really afraid and I'd want to run the hell away. Right? They're not some of the most feared Ninja for nothing!

The members that I feel could use some extra time to get used to and be better at are Deidara, Kakuzu, Itachi and Obito. Although, I did another version of Obito with his later mask and that one looked better than this version.

So this is it for now. I'm still working on another 'team Akatsuki' drawing as I type this! Hope to finish and share soon!

Naruto Fan Art
Akatsuki, Anime, Comic, Deidara, Hidan, Itachi, Kakuzu, Kisame, Manga, Naruto, Obito, Pain, Sasori, Tobi, Uchiha, Zetsu
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