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Ruby (Rough Sketch)
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So... Who said cute girl cant be vilain character. =w=" Shes cute but she's evil and since Sosuke-kun asked if i have an evil character for his comic (Random party), i think she'll go for it. She's an O.C for my old story ><

Name : Ruby

Age : 20

Appearance: Her left bangs is a way longer than the rest of her hair. She has a blond hair with red bangs. Her eyes color are different one of another, the left one is in red coloor and the right one is gold-ish. She loves wearing black. I draw her in her 'summer' outfit, she usually seen in long black t-shirt, dark blue jeans and a pair of black biker boots. And She loves to wear ripped jeans. She looks younger than she should be and she looks to cute to be an evil, bu believe me dont fall for her face.

Background: She was born in a wealthy family and live happy and peacefully until she saw her father killing her mum. Ranaway from home she met an assasination organization, they took her in and train her to be one of them. The memories of seeing her own father killed her mother make her "thirst of blood". In 4 years she was ready to take her 1st job. After she got stable position in the organization, she went to her father and revenge her mother. But she didnt stop, she never stop, she feels complete when she kill. She loves to make her victim bleed before kill them. She never failed and have no intention to failed in the future.

Interesting in: blood, fighting

Weapon : 2 unique sword, the hilt is black with bandage warped on it, and the blades is in golden color

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O.C, Ruby
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