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Adrian the Psychosona
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HEY ALL YOU PEOPLE it's time for my annual upload of fanart. *smacked*

So uh, recently I got into Psychonauts thanks to Kat. It's probably been one of the most bizarre weeks of my life but I'm honestly not complaining. It's been fun.

Anyway, at the behest of Kat, I made...a Psychonauts OC. Psychosona. Whichever you prefer. Heaven help me I thought I was done with this. Her name is Adrian, and she's technically an old character of mine, I just put her in this 'verse and gave her a makeover. I won't bore you all with backstory/how her mind is/all that stuff since I know only Kat will really care, but I decided to put this here 'cause I like it and stuff.

Though she will probably end up being idkbffs with Iris.

Please do view in hi res because the blur makes it look like poop.

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help I've fallen and I can't get up, why this
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