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Protector of Cerberus
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Dahahahaahahahaa ohGodthistookmetwodayswhyyyyy?

Full body reference in a somewhat Kingdom Hearts style of Kiyoko Valentine~! The Protector of Cerberus (Guns and demon dog alike~)

Kingdom Hearts Character Information Very unfinished
Name: Kiyoko Valentine
Nickname(s): Kiyo, Ki-chan, Twin 2, Ringo-chan
Age: 14 (KH); 15 (KH2); 16 (KH:IES/CoBL[FanFics]); 17 (KH:ED) *In this piece, she is 17
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (Straight)
Birthday: July 4th
Life Story: TBA
About Her: TBA
Personality: TBA [Witty, rude, optimistic, enthusiastic, open-hearted, violent]
Good Habits: Keeps her materials in perfect condition at all times; very alert and doesn't drop her guard easily
Bad Habits: Sometimes has poor manners; cusses too much
Likes: When things burst into flames; being around Kenshin
Dislikes: Annoying people (so vague :'D)
Hobbies: Blowing shit up; making guns and claws
Fears: Abandonment; the death of those she holds close; drowning; Chaos
Strengths: She is too determined to ever back down or leave something unfinished; pretty alert; independent
Weaknesses: Too quick to judge others; too quick to help others
Special Powers/Abilities: Pyrokinetic + electromagnetic abilities; the ability to blow things up (walks together with pyrokinetic and electromagnetic)
Extras: TBA

Dreams and Talents
Ambition/Lifelong Dream: TBA
Occupation/Job: Student; Mechanic
Best Class(es): Math, Science, English, History, Ceramics (All core classes? Well then xD)
Worst Class(es): Home Ec

Family and Friends
Parents: Grimiore Valentine [Father]; Mother is unnamed/not mentioned (maybe I'll make her up?)
Siblings: Vincent Valentine [older brother]; Kenshin Valentine [twin brother]
Relatives: N/A
Pet(s): Mamoru (pet Ferret). She owns many horses that I shall give the names of later~
Best Friends: Shun Wakamiya, Yuu Li, Riiya Kawazoe
Friends" Sora, Riku, Kairi, Tidus, Wakka, Leon, Cloud, Cid, Tifa, Yuffie, Aerith (TBA)
Crush(es): Axel and Shun (Ohyeaaaah dramaaa whoop whoop~)
Rival(s): TBA
Enemies: TBA

Kingdom Hearts Information
Affiliation: At first, neutral. She becomes good later on. By KH2, she is neutral again, finally becoming a full-fledged member of the good side.

Looks and Appearacne
Body Type/Looks: Athletic yet slim
Blood Type: AB
Height: 5'2 (14); 5'3 (15); 5'4 (16); 5'4 (17)
Weight: 110 lbs (14); 115 lbs (15); 115 lbs (16); 130 lbs (17)
Scent: She naturally smells like apple blossoms because that's totally normal lolol //bricked
Scars/Tattoos/Jewelry/Piercings: She has lightly visible scars on both hands from the first time she used her fire and exploding skill within her hands; She has a tattoo on her lower back. It appeared for the first time when she was revived, like a birthmark; She is currently deciding on a belly button piercing she totally won't go through with it, though~

Extra Information These are very useless pieces of information, fyi
Theme Song/Quote: TBA
Favorite Food(s): Mangoes and other fruits
Favorite Color(s): Red, black, orange, yellow, green, brown, beige
Favorite Number(s): 1, 4, 7, 13, 21, 24, 100, 9000+
Favorite Season(s): Summer and Autumn
Favorite Holiday(s): Christmas and Independence Day
Favorite Time of Day: Nighttime
Theme: TBA

Character Opinions

For those who know Kiyoko, you'll notice that I changed her eye color :'D Should I change it back to emerald green or leave it as this fool's gold color?

Steel-tipped boots because I freakin' say so~

I DID NOT make the Kingdom Hearts logo~ C:

Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
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