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Happy New Year's, everyone~!<333

I've come back with a new skill (still in practice, though): digital everything :'D I'm still getting the hang of using a tablet and digital coloring, as well as finding my own coloring style (I'm free-stylin' right now 8'D)

This is for Magi (who doesn't seem to be on theO anymore ;n; She is on dA, though!) because she's awesome and I found an old picture from about two or three years ago of our OCs together, so yeah, here we go <3

The small child is Arai Takameshi, my Naruto OC, and the older woman is Okihi Uchiha, Magi's Naruto OC. They have a kind of friendship where they treat one another like sisters. Therefore: Sistership!

I have no idea why Okihi's skin looks almost purple-ish :'D I copied the color from one of her reference pictures, so I guess this is the color she used C':

I hope everyone had a fantastic year during 2012 and I also hope that this year will be even better~! C: o3o o3o o3o *smoochsmoochsmooch*

...I have to get back into the swing of drawing Kiyoko :'D My poor KH OC...completely neglected ""orz

Naruto Fan Art
arai, fire.freak, naruto, oc, okihi, takameshi, uchiha
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