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I'm sorry
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I'm so sorry for responding late to all my friends, may i call you that that wished me a happy birthday and christmas, It made me so happy to receive those greetings... I've been like thrown away from my computer for a couple of days and upon returning i had a bunch of unexpected things in my message box unexpected in a good way, not porn or viruses

And I was completely absorbed in that feeling of "wooh friendly attention-I exist" or something similar. Thank you for that (*w*)

so did you get any good gifts this year? I got some new copic colors, and the game sonic all stars racing, this pic was made before it, even though i'm not that far into it yet I don't think Shadow has his trusty bike. Just a tank-like car.
I've also got my secret santa gifts WHICH reminds me that I*M COMPLETELY LATE, I'm like that white rabbit running around with a watch not getting anything done... I bet i'm the last one. The late santa, my poor wishlistmaker, I'll work hard for you, promise. BI

Why didn't i receive information how hard it is to draw hedgehogs, I think i got the proportions off and made him...chubby...
Oh and that engine is only made of rainbows and butterflies. I have no idea how real engines looks.

SO It's defenitely,eh,definitely. bah, dedicated to all who wished me well this holiday. And if you don't like hedgehogs I can draw you something else anytime.

Sonic Fan Art
allstars, Bike, Grumpy, Shadow
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