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End of 2012 Art
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this year was GREAT as far as art goes

i have better shit on my tumblr tho
yeah. this year was absolutely god awful socially wise.
like... after april i was just so done with this site and the people who made me miserable and i completed my move to tumblr in july.
but. hm. i've improved a lot. i guess i gotta break this down, i've never done these before.

I REMEMBER, THE JANUARY ONE, SOME YAOI BLOG REBLOGGED IT FROM ME LIKE, I DIDN'T EVEN TAG IT AS??? THAT??? Ok february, don't get me started. i made art for my boyfriend and ex-friends and i am so disgusted with myself back then i hate remembering it.
the art was terrible. march, eh. april. i had just gotten out of the hospital so like... it was good. may, june, july, august: i completely migrated to tumblr there. this place had gotten too toxic for me and i didn't wanna choke on the fumes. so i just kind of stopped caring. september, october: i got SAI. great program. i was put off by how easy and simple it was at first like, "wow these blending methods are so easy i feel bad for liking speedpaints now" but let me tell you, ur gonna need that when u make comics. very reliable.
november. what the actual frick. oh my god. well, i did pixels and comic pages and stuff. i guess.
december. loved it.

october-december, 10/10 would recommend. (my doki followed me on tumblr and then i got a casual following and i got into ygo around september/august.)

basically, for art, the year was good. yeah. better than last year, lmao. i didn't make any progress.

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