MangaKid (Fan Art Portfolio) SS Artwork for Meeposan!

SS Artwork for Meeposan!
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Hey MeepoSan! I'm your Secret Santa this year!! Merry Christmas!!

I haven't really met you before but I'm glad to draw something for you this Christmas^^
I'm sorry this isn't anything too flashy... I really wanted to draw you something from Inazuma Go 11!, it seems like an interesting anime... But I almost fell into an artblock while trying to sketch out some drafts for it >3< So I went with something different and simpler... Howl! I saw that you like the same Ghibli movies I like and I've never drawn Howl before so it was fun! I hope you enjoy this :)

I did it with my Copic markers (I haven't used them in quite a while) and afterwards added some digital effects. Again, I hope u enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Howl's Moving Castle Fan Art
Howl, Howl's Moving Castle, MangaKid, Meeposan
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