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Little Helper
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So. Since I don't know if I'll be on my laptop or not tomorrow

Jenny: *paces back and forth* ooooh, he'll be showing up any time soon.

Chibi Neko Jenny: *watches Jenny pace back and forth while sitting on the table, nibbling on a cookie*

Jenny: Can I really give this to him? I mean. I'm sure he'll like it. But what if he already has it.. adsfljkasdhf *sets down a wrapped box on the table and continues to fluster*

CNJ: *blinks and stands after finishing her cookie, walking over to the present and meowing, looking at Jenny*

Jenny: *looks back at CNJ* wha.. chibi..?

CNJ: *picks up the box and acts out walking to the edge of the table and handing it to an invisible person that Jenny assumed to be France*

Jenny: Chibi... you wanna help me? *laughs as CNJ smiles brightly and nods* Well thank yo-

-A door handle turns as the front door is then opened, footsteps following inside and closing the door-

CNJ: *ears perk and looks towards the room*

Jenny: Ah! He's here already? I- I- asldjkfhads *can't do this. hurries out to hide in another room, face red like holly*

CNJ: *watches Jenny run out in shyness and then turns back again to see France walk in*

France: *begins taking off his scarf as he walks in* It's so cold outside! 'Zank goodness 'zat it's warm in 'ere finall- hm? *looks down at CNJ as he passes the table* ah? et what might this be?

Jenny: *peeks around the corner and watches, muttering to herself 'I hope he likes it...'*

CNJ: *blinks at France and tilts her head* Mew...! *smiles and holds out the box to France*

aaand... that happened.

u/w/u Merry Christmas, Francis~ I do hope it hasn't been too cold for you. Happy Holidays to you<3

Ignore... whatever that script doodle was. I thought it was cute to go along with the present drawing u/w/u

Hetalia: Axis Powers Fan Art
Bonnefoy, Chibi, Christmas, France, Francis, Hetalia, Jenny, Neko, OHC, Presents
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