Mazoku Knight (Fan Art Portfolio) Big bad star wolf

Big bad star wolf
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I found a for me amazing picture on google, it was a not to happy Ganondorf sprawled out benath a pile of sleeping,tiny ssbb characters - the picture was so funny and awesome I had to try it myself.

...It didn't turn out too funny, and they don't look deceased do they? that would be awful T.T

When i played ssbb(now I sound really old) I was better with Wolf rather than Fox. To be even older I remember facing those evil little dark ships of his on some planets in lylat wars to nintendo 64...
It was always stressful meetings with time limits before the planet exploded or something like that.

And I totally snuck Lucario inside yet another fanart hohoho

... That red pikmin is deceased isn't it T^T

I don't think this is a very realistic scenario, so it will most likely be weaklings flying all over the place once the big bad wolf wakes up.

And I simply have to say that it's hilarious to play as Falco in ssbb - he makes all these (HUUUEEEGH) awkwardly funny (BLEEEUGGH) noises when he falls off the stages.

...there. It was fun. Now I'm exhausted.

Super Smash Bros Fan Art
iceclimbers, Ivysaur, Lucario, Olimar, Pikmin, ToonLink, Wolf
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