The Bone Snatcher (Fan Art Portfolio) Jack Frost - Snowy Background

Jack Frost - Snowy Background
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EDIT: You can see a better version of it on my deviantART profile. The link to the backgroundless version is below and you can find a link to this one there on that version comments :P

Huh, coulda sworn I had another piece up here that was more recent :P Guess the admin decided to arbitrarily remove my work again without notice, figures. I'm starting to remember why I left for deviantART.

Anywho let's try this again shall we? And I swear if this one is removed I'm abandoning all hope for this place, seriously...

So to try and kick off the holiday season I figured I'd draw a picture of a more Christmasy, wintery nature and thus here is Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians <3<3<3<3 Why is he so bloody cute...? Damn you DreamWorks!!! Anywho onto the usual rigmarole (copied from my DA yes but who gives a hoot :P)

Darkness, that's the first thing I remember. It's dark, it's cold, and I'm scared...

Backgroundless version here:

This is the snowy background version of the picture I mentioned in the other one AND because I'm lazy like that I'm giving you what I already wrote on the last one lmao

The first line Jack says in the movie really got to me for some reason so I decided to draw him while keeping that quote in mind. I was going to make a really elaborate background but decided it took away from Jack himself so I just left it mostly transparent to keep the focus on him.


Hahaha, I finished it -insert dignity laugh here- So glad I did to lol I'm STILL not 100% satisfied with how his feet look but I guess the shadows make it look a LITTLE better... For now e.e I'm just happy I drew him, Jack is just adorable xD And I don't think I need to mention for the millionth time how he reminds me of Nero lmao

(c) Art copyright to Amber Peckham

(c) Jack Frost, Rise of the Guardians copyright to DreamWorks, William Joyce and their respective associates. All rights reserved.

Picture of Jack Frost from an app on my iPhone used as a ref. Snow brushes came from a set I got from Project-GimpBC and redheadstock

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