toyotami kun (Fan Art Portfolio) I AM KING.

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"I am not a Princess, nor a Prince, not even a Queen, I AM none other, then the KING."


Well I'm finally done this drawing. I had it started a while back, but I kind of just slowly worked on it and felt a bit unmotivated to finish until last night.
I'm going to go ahead and enter the Blue Dress challenge since the girl happens to waering a blue dress, and this drawing is also going to take part of my 100 Drawing Challenge, but that is a self challenge thing.

this drawing was inspired by Niki Minaj's lyrics to her song Moment 4 Life. Not all of them though, just more to the beginning.

Since this also going to be part of my 100 drawing challenge, the theme is #68. Hero.
Why? Cause my original idea was that I wanted the girl to be her own hero, and she fought against all odds to become a King though it wouldn't really be possible for her, plus this drawing is a bit personal for me too. XD

I used crayola markers for this like always and some copic marker for some shading and skin tones.
The details really killed me. XD

Personal Fan Art
100 drawing challenge, girl, I AM KING, joker, king, night, personal, toyotami
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