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Fire Emblem Awakening - Krom


"They just can't get my hair right"

had so much trouble with that and it still looks off

voiced by Tomokazu Sugita!!! aka Gintama's Gintoki and Sket Dance's Switch <3 that is AWESOME.

yup just looked up the voice actors for the Japanese version of fire emblem awakening and thrilled at some of the cast.

I don't actually know many seiyuus cuz just recently start paying attention to them, but some of my favorites are in this game. Besides Krom...

1. My unit: can select Toru Okawa, Roy from FMA!!

2. Frederick: Ono Daisuke, Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji, Shizuo from Drrr

3. And most importantly, Ronku is Takehito Koyasu!!!!!!! This is the guy that got me interested in voice actors to begin with! cuz he was Himuro sensei in Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 1. He was Navarre in the Fire emblem anime and now he's back as another myrmidon - one of my favorite classes. Ran/ Aya from Weiss Kreuz.

So what's my point? I've always thought that FE Awakening would be the reason I end up getting a 3DS, but now I'm really worried about the North American localization. Are they really going to replace these awesome voices??? If past anime and game dubbings are any indication, it's going to be horrendous. It hurts just thinking about it. It would be amazing if they they could just supplement the original voices with subtitles...

If nothing else, the translations better be top-notch. Even if I'm a little apprehensive, can't wait for this game

yup I drew this picture just so I have places to rant about it orz

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