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Dice (Survival Instincts)
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This is Dice, one of the main characters from my story, "Survival Instincts".

Dice makes his first appearance in the story when Naomi and Marshall release him from a mysterious box. After an experience that would leave any normal person dead, Dice reveals that he is actually not human. He takes an interest in Naomi, Marshall, and their unusual abilities, offers to help Naomi control her powers.

Dice comes off as clueless much of the time. He wants to live among humans despite the fact that he knows very little about them. He's pretty easy-going, and because if his near invincibility, a bit reckless. He is very tight-lipped about his origins, saying that they are too horrible for humans to fathom.

I didn't want Dice to look like a pretty-boy. I was satisfied with the pose and facial features, but it took several sketches for me to get his hair the way I liked it. When I got a critique of the story, I learned that I had to pretty much rewrite Dice's character to make him less mean. When I looked at the drawing after that, I noticed that even the drawing looked mean. I decided to tweak his eyes a bit to make him look less shady, and he ended up looking too cutesy. It seems like I can't draw much of anything without making it look cuter than it's supposed to be.

Tools used: Pencil, colored pencils, ink pens, eraser, sketch paper, Photoshop CS5.

Dice and "Survival Instincts" belong to me. Do not take my character and story and claim them as your own.

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dice, survival insticts
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