Katana (Fan Art Portfolio) Dinner with the Pyns

Dinner with the Pyns
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We're at the stage of "go crazy, kids" in Illustration. So weird.

For this, I really wanted to try and expand what I've been doing - I haven't done a piece with multiple characters in it since...well, never like this. Always chibis. So I wanted to give that a shot. This features the Pyn clan, a ragtag group of young adults across the spectrum who exist in a story o’ mine best described as “Firefly meets Cowboy Bebop meets Futurama”. They were last seen in a postcard.

I have such mixed feelings on this, and the scariest part is that I like the print way more than the digital file. That almost never happens...we'll see how everyone else reacts in crit.

//Photoshop, ink for lines. 13x14" at print.

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cel shading, illustration, photoshop, they wear hats to feel special
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