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Bon Jovi: Cosplay
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Keba posted on the day of completion? NO WAIIIII!!!!!!1

Ahem. I decided to combine two things that are currently holding my attention right now: Bon Jovi and cosplay. While the Bon Jovi bit is self-explanatory, I have recently become very interested in cosplaying. I've never done it before. Halloween doesn't count. The thing that's holding me back is that I don't know much about sewing. And I'm a bit embarrassed about going out and doing it for the first time. But enough about me....

In this picture, the boys are being totally out-of-character and dressing up as the main characters of various anime. I don't think any of them are into anime. Besides, how many men in the 50-and-up crowd do you know who cosplay? But I could be wrong.

The first person who can identify which band member is which character gets a cookie! The first person who can figure out what the heck is going on in this picture gets a box of Pocky!

Done with pencil, ink, and colored pencils on sketch paper.

Picture belongs to me. Unfortunately, the members of Bon Jovi do not belong to me. The characters they are dressing up as and the respective anime/manga they are from belong to the people who made those anime/manga.

Trivia: On this day ten years ago, I became a Bon Jovi fan. It's no coincidence that I posted this picture on this day.

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