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Name: Caine
Alias: Cai
Age: 19
Occupation: Thief
Magic Element: Strongest with fire; weakness is water
Personality: He's moody, quiet, mean, usually composed (though he can have problems with his temper), mostly rational, and has low self-esteem. He has issues with women and generally dislikes them.
History: Cai lost his mother and brother at a young age. He was an orphan for many years. Now an ex-member of an organization planning to overthrow the throne. This is where he learned to steal and worked for a hierarchy of other members. Cai received most of his scars after betraying them. He was caught and tortured, but managed to get away. They still come after him to finish the job, so he is constantly on the run.


My new RP bby. ; u ; Well, not that new. Just haven't really drawn him. He's usually in his full black uniform with a hood much like Ezio's that allows most of his face to be covered. c: When I draw him, it get's annoying since I everything is black but his skin, scars, and eyes. q u q" I need colouuuuuur.

Anyway, wanted to somewhat show off his scars that kind of look like papercuts. /shot

And I did draw him in a regular form, but I suck so badly at men still that I'm not comfortable uploading it. OTL

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