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Sorry for the long absent, I HAVE BEEN SUPER BUSY

it's true what they said about this academy, so many assignments OMG, I sleep like 4 in the morning just to finish 'em...

this quick sketch of mine actually has a background story. I made a friend (obviously) in campus, and she's really IN LOVE with this 1 lecturer. yes we call him "mister" lolz. and one day she somehow got his pic, and then as a gift for her "overwhelming crush" I drew him for her lol. SHE LOVES IT haha (didn't tell her that I post it here, it'll be our little secret~ ssshhhh) "besides, I didn't put any names down, so it's basically ok" hha

Yes, our lecturer are all young *happy*

done with 2B mech pencil, took only bout 5 min... it's really a quick thinking that I wanted to draw him.... sigh I need to let go of my mech pencil, my lecturerS is chocking me with traditional pencils lolz

sorry for the lame pic, again, photographed with my phone (not even a good one) haha, seriously, I even use an ironing board to do my assignments, yep I need to buy a desk ASAP....

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Asian, etc, Lecturer, Realistic
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