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Beauty In Black
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Yes, you’re not dreaming >> I finally got my lazy self to post one of my many sketches up. Wow, it really has been a while since I last posted something @@ My bad guys. I am just so lazy and busy these days @@ to even pick up my camera and take a pic or even get it scanned :/ But I will try my best to change this habit >:O Believe it! Cause frankly I can’t (shot) >o>. Anyways, this is my OC who I have no clue what to name atm ._. Though I am not sure how or why, I have recently started to get the hang of drawing girls >:D (=w= if u don’t recall, I can only draw guys usually ^^”) So I was bored and thought YUSH I SHALL DRAWWWWWWW >:D and then I decided to draw a girl =w=, with the recent change and all. So here she is, my OC of namelessness. I took a reference for the upper body till waist pose/cloths, I think it went well :O I really liked how the shading turned out though the scanner dulled it a little and then I tried to darken it according to the original @@ but I think it looks a little bitsy now, sorry for that. The original is dark and smooth TwT so ya. Anyways >> (I always get side tracked) this is for my twiny :D since you were the one who asked me to post something up xD Hope you like it maji! And everyone else too! xD Oh and remember guys, no copying/taking :P its mine xD (gets shot by OC) =w= bye bye then for now!

Favs/hugs/comments all greatly appreciated ^^

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Black, Dress, Girl, OC
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