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Hero group 3
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So~ This is yet another group pic of main heros in another Carnna story.
Those who know my stuff have seen Mouse, Alex and Fey/ Ferret before.
Left to right!

Jan, The last group pic, she would be on the opposite side of Alex, however She ends up on his side at the end so for this group... while she isn't hero material, she is great for getting Alex (her now "property/ boyfriend") out of trouble. She is a leader of a bandit gang, bandits differ from the theives in they just don't care. Murder and plunder. Pirates on land. She is less dangerous with Alex around, however she is still pretty ruthless.

Alex/Snake, he is part goblin (Carnna goblins are different than ones we know). he is part of a theif band made up of Owl, Mink and Mouse. he is the healer of thr group and also the Thinker. In this story he ends up helping Fey in her mission.

Fey/Ferret, The Sheltered adopted daughter of Woodsong (legend).
Just dieing to show that she can do the same stuff her mother did she was able to talk the elders in haveing her do something. they decided she could be a spy and blend in at the bad guys place as a worker. Gather info on What he is planning cause rumors leaked that he had a weapon that could be very dangerous and he was meaning to use it. Her presence had set off the weapon which turned out to be a rune (Lol, Runes of Carnna, yes she shows up in that story too). She ran an fell off a cliff, she lived but was very badly hurt. She was found by Alex's group. She decided no one would ever take her seriously again with her failing like that. She decided she would get the Rune from the bad guy. the theives decided to help her in that. Her before is in the back, in the front is her disguise.

Mouse, Always a big sister figure she decided to follow Fey as the muscle and street smarts. she is good for distractions (woman knows how to make a scene)

Weasel/Wile, Pretty much Alex's adopted son. The one that acctually found Fey hurt. Since he found her he decided to be a noble gentleman and protect her as best he could. however because he is so little and young (9yo) he can't do very much. he has a bad run in with the badguy and his lackys (bad run in is understatement) but still he does everything he can to help Fey.
needless to say he has a bit of a crush on her XD

long discription is long

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Alex, Carnna, Ferret, Fey, Jan, Mouse, Snake, weasel
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