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Leon Scott Kennedy
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HI GUYS!! OMG it's been months since I last submit a fan art X_X
I'm so sorry....

It's been a SUPER BUSY month... I just got into university *yay no longer a high schooler* lol, and the thing is, my university is abroad, so I moved to another country, and wow it's been exhausting.... the moving, the buying necessities, the visa problem, etc.... + guess what? on my first day I got 24 homeworks already...
I was like: " O_O " <- literally my eyes were like that, oh and it gets worse
well... I guess that's what u get 4 being an art student =_="... yea I'm taking illustration right now, so far so good.... I think, n wow, my classmates drawings are all AWSOME!!! *self esteem gone away~....*

P.S: right now I have 50 Homeworks, guess what? finished it~ YAY

anyways.... I dun have a scanner here.... *cries heavily*...yet, I'm gonna buy one though.... GOSH, if I have the money... living alone is quite tough... miss my family and friends A LOT...

anyways sorry for the useless unrelated talk, this is a FRESH quick drawing of Leon S Kennedy from Resident Evil, since the movie just came out (yea I watched it), I feel HURT that the "Leon" in the film was waaaaay diff than in game.. *cries again*, n the story..... I like the game MUCH better.... *cries again*

You might realize *other than how horrible the quality of the pic is, cuz I took a pic with my phone =_=" forgive me....* that the shading is kinda diff than my other drawings... guess what? right after I arrive in this new country, I LOST my pencil... SERIOUSLY I LOST it.... *was panicking a lot eventually* this new pencil I use is sooo.... *sigh* I'll stop now... sorry for being noisy *cries till my tears all dried up*

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capcom, etc, Evil, Kennedy, Leon, RE, Resident, S, Scott
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