ArtSwordman Brush (Fan Art Portfolio) 7 Deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins
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Alright, so this is my entry for infinatelove42's challenge Every Villian Is Lemons (E.V.I.L.)

Anyway, I sorta ran outta time to color this, with school and all.
Sooo... the girl in this picture is an OC of mine, Elizabeth "Lust" Hartt. She was a child actress who pretty much lost all recognition as she grew up. She has an insatiable urge to be on camera, but nobody wanted anything to do with her, since she's such a bitch. Eventually they finally told her so, causing her to snap. She went crazy and killed everyone, over the years she created the rest of the things you see in the picture. They're all teddy bears due to her child-like mental state.

"Gluttony" is the name of her weapon, which is a chained metal teddy bear with a bear trap mouth. And there's also razor wire on parts of the chain.

"Greed" is her teddy bear fanny pack. It has infinite storage and is where she keeps all her other teddy bears.

"Vanity" is her teddy bear hand mirror. It can create a shadowy clone of the viewer.

"Sloth" is a bound hypnotic teddy bear. It can hypnotize someone into losing all will to live, slowly killing them in the process.

"Envy" is a stretched out, stuffingless teddy bear with claws. When its claws cut into its target, its steals some of their life force.

"Wrath" is a large teddy bear golem made from organs, bones and other pieces of Elizabeth's victims. It is very strong and violent.

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bear, envy, gluttony, greed, lolita, lust, sloth, teddy, vanity, wrath
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Every Villian Is Lemons (E.V.I.L.)
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