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Star and Moonlight
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(I can't do titles and I wanted to try this without lineart but hey, that didn't happen so whatever. Maybe I'll try it again and post it some other time. Yay for doubles!

I tried to practice side-profiles with this but... Meh. Takuma's hair is really hard to draw and I reused a sweater pattern for Kiki and didn't really design much in terms of clothes because I'm lazy.

What are backgrounds? Obviously I don't know. And it's off-center but I don't want to fix it oTL

I didn't do either of them justice but I tried and I liked the shading SO I'M POSTING IT HERE, OKAY?

EDIT: Apparently someone was listening to Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney when they saw this. It actually fits <3)

Vampire Knight Fan Art
Kiki, Kiki Rosenthal, OC, OHC, Takuma Ichijou, Vampire Knight
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Takuma Ichijou
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