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we are getting to newer stuff now! o 3o

these are redesigns/updated looks for original characters of mine that have been around for a while now but both stories are going to go through changes and facelifts and since i hadn't drawn them in a while i needed to update their looks *nod*

the headshot to the far right is from a different story than the others

on the left are ones from my vampire story, EmptySound--a title likely to change due to all the story evolvements it has gone through over the years-- the female is the main character Cross, who is a vampire/human hybrid, i am meh on the outfit concept for her, but it is something to work with right now; she has pure white hair and vibrant green eyes

this is the first time i ever drew Cross when i first designed her in '07: Cross '07
she has been through several changes, the last time i drew her she looked like this: Cross_1 Cross_2

she has changed incredibly from the first concepts, which you can definately see in her image regardless of me saying her personality and whatnot *nod*

the male is the other main character, Kai, a human, who hasn't changed in appearance that much from the beginning, with dark russet/auburn hair and dark blue eyes ; the first and only time i drew him back in '08:Kai
he grew more as a character both personality and in the story *nod*

the girl on the right is from my story Tewoeklon--a title very likely to change since the evolvements too--
it is the updated look of Noir, the main character, who is a human elf hybrid, with chesnut hair and hazel eyes; the only drawings of her i only finished a few of them; i know there are some on this site but they aren't great examples of her old look
so this is the best depiction of her, pretty old though of course: Noir
she hasn't changed terribly much in appearance and many aspects of her initial personality are still there too *nod*

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Art (c) ME

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