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Unknown Character Concept Sketches
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these are rather old, the newest of them is the little headshot in the bottom right corner of the first row of stuff...yups

these are two original characters of mine from a little story thing i started a short while back as a type of writing practice, i haven't done much with it for a while though

the guy's actual name is unknown both in his reality and with her, he is called Keiran in his world but with her, she named him Ciel --and by his world i don't mean another planet or dimension, he is technically a time traveller, so he is from the future for her--

her name is Peridot, but she never liked it and is refered to as Perri or Pear--she hates this one, her friends call her it to tease her--, he calls her Purr because at first he couldn't properly pronouce her name and it just stuck; she is half french on her mother's side, hence her name and choice of name for Keiran/Ciel as well as her not actually kind of pet/tenant cat who is she calls LeRoux, though she doesn't know a lot of french she often exclaims/curses in french as it seems less crude to her XD

the story isn't very developed, written partially as her journal entries of what happens and i don't want to bother typing up a lot of stuff right now :shrug: oh, and it's current title is Unknown

story (c) ME
art (c) ME

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