Ryuchu (Fan Art Portfolio) Singing Star-Grams ~ For Yumei Hearts U

Singing Star-Grams ~ For Yumei Hearts U
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Sorry guys, but the rest of the requests will just be in pencil (you know, like actual sketches) because I want to get them done before I leave for school and don't have constant access to a scanner. Please forgive me!

Anyways, here's yumei hearts u's request, her OCs Minami and Hideki! :D

I'm...not quite sure what they're doing. I like to imagine that Minami likes to annoy Hideki by generating these little star guys that then go and hunt down find Hideki and deliver a singing telegram to him.

Yeah. I don't know what I was thinking when I drew this either.

But anyways, I hope you enjoy Yumei and I'm sorry this is so, so, so late!

~ Ryuchu

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Hideki, Idon'tknow, Minami, stars, yumei hearts u
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